Lagavulin and Nick Offerman Tell Us, Well Technically, Nothing About Marketing Strategy

In a :45 commercial spot for whiskey brand Lagavulin, funny-guy Nick Offerman—who is widely known for his role as Ron Swanson in the TV show Parks and Recreation—manages to say absolutely nothing, while making an important marketing lesson loud and clear.

The lesson is the power and impact of a brand that deeply understands its audience’s interests, the public figures it trusts, its collective sense of humor and its preferred digital channels.

The Lagavulin spot truly exemplifies expert knowledge of its core audience; in fact, Offerman himself is one of the whiskey brand’s biggest fans. By featuring Offerman in the video (which you can watch by clicking here) the brand demonstrates its expertise in influencer marketing. After all, Lagavulin has in Offerman a celebrity that publically advocates for the brand and one its key targets likely trust and admire.nick-offerman-yule-log-hed-2015MEDIUM

It’s not every day that a brand can create a nearly minute long video with nothing more than the sound of a crackling Yule log and a man staring blankly into a camera sipping a glass of whiskey. But because the man sitting in the chair is Offerman, fans of his are likely going to watch the entire video just to find out if he really is going to just sit there staring at the camera in silence.

With that in mind, one might consider why Lagavulin didn’t just simply create online banner ads that simply portrayed Offerman holding the glass of whiskey accompanied by a burning Yule-log. Why create a video that, for the most part, is not what would traditionally be thought of as entertaining, stimulating or interactive?

Well, for starters the video is absolutely hilarious—given that you’re a fan of Offerman and his wry humor—and unexpected, and that’s exactly the hook that a brand like Lagavulin knows will engage and excite its consumers. Secondly, video content is white-hot right now. Everyone wants to watch videos on a multitude of digital channels and across a myriad of different devices as well. Therefore, it’s likely that Lagavulin didn’t just create a video on whim, rather, its marketers knew the channels and devices that its audiences utilizes most frequently and then created content that would be highly visible and easily digestible.

So, your marketing campaign might not suit certain audiences, but finding your niche audience and marketing exclusively to them will gain you major kudos and in Lagavulin’s case lots of laughs. Cheers to that!