Cyber Monday Versus Black Friday: Which is the Real Winner?

Personally, Black Friday brings to mind stampedes of people acting more like herds of antelope rushing towards an oasis rather than civilized humans shopping for gifts. And let’s face it: it’s not that much different in reality, it’s actually much worse. In fact, there is a website called which has been tracking Black Friday specific fatalities and injuries since 2006. Talk about morose.

As such, many consumers are avoiding the Black Friday madness altogether and opting for Cyber Monday deals instead which is, as you most likely already know, the day of online bargains. But this year shoppers didn’t wait until today to take advantage of online sales. Indeed, 103 million people said that they planned to shop online starting Thursday through Sunday, according to the Nation Retail Federation’s (NRF) consumer sentiment survey of 4,281 consumers.

As such, one might conclude that while many shoppers want to protect themselves against the potential dangers and absolute chaos of in-store Black Friday shopping, online shopping is simply becoming commonplace and therefore just as relevant to shoppers as physically attending stores.

Interestingly enough, however, the NRF expects that fewer people than previous ye

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ars—121.3 million versus 126.9 million in 2014—will shop online today, Cyber Monday. It seems that consumers are growing accustomed to online shopping and feel that they can do so whenever they like. That is, online shoppers are largely motivated by convenience.

Due to the fact that consumers are opting for ecommerce alternatives to shopping during the holidays, it’s of the utmost importance that brand’s strengthen their content marketing strategy to ensure that their online stores remain top of mind to holiday consumers. Everything from relevant and engaging social media posts to snappy, enticing email messages, can truly impact a brand’s ecommerce success simply by raising brand awareness and increasing consumers’ engagement.

Whether Cyber Monday sales end up beating out Black Friday sales or not, it’s clear that online shopping is on the rise. So take advantage of the surge, ride the online retail wave by ramping up your brand’s content marketing strategy this holiday season. Read more about how to improve your content by clicking here.