3 Marketing Tools Nonprofits Need to Leverage Now

In the nonprofit space, spreading cause awareness is critical to acquiring new donors and maintaining long-lasting relationships with them. This naturally makes content marketing an absolute must-have strategy for any nonprofit organization, as it is arguably the best way to nurture relationships and engage prospective supporters.

In fact, the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) “2015 Nonprofit Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North

via Pixabay

via Pixabay

America” revealed that 87 percent of nonprofit marketers say their No. 1 organizational content marketing goal is raising brand awareness. So let’s explore what nonprofit marketers are currently doing right to raise awareness, and how they can utilize today’s abundance of advanced marketing tools to make an even bigger impact on their core audiences.

For starters, the CMI report revealed that 93 percent of nonprofit marketers are using social media as their primary content channel. Hurray! This is excellent news; after all, thanks to its billions of loyal users, social media is without a doubt the most powerful digital channel for quickly spreading awareness about political, social, and environmental causes.

So, that’s something that nonprofit marketers are doing right, but what tools can they use to do even better? Let’s explore three tools that nonprofit marketers ought to consider such as…

  1. Facebook fundraising pages: Facebook recently established a Social Good Team that is dedicated to creating new products that can be leveraged to spread, well, social good. The team created new “Fundraiser” pages that are similar to Facebook’s “Event” pages. Nonprofit marketers ought to leverage this new product immediately as the page provides a donate button as well as a live donation meter which measures how close a charity is to reaching its fundraising goal. As well, it enables nonprofits to tell their story through posts, videos, pictures, and a bio to keep loyal and prospective donors informed and engaged.
  2. Hashtagify: For Twitter users, leveraging viral hashtags is a surefire way to get their posts noticed. Hashtagify is a website that enables its users to input a key phrase, and it will automatically generate a list of relevant, trending hashtags. This is a valuable resource for nonprofits because utilizing viral hashtags which resonate with the causes they support will engender more page views, followers and ultimately more contributors.
  3. Followerwonk: Powered by Moz, a software as a service company based in Seattle, Followerwonk is a leading Twitter analytics tool. Specifically, Follwerwonk enables its users to analyze other Twitter users’ profiles to gain insight into their social influence. This tool is a boon to any nonprofit as it enables them to identify powerful influencers who they can connect with in order to bolster their cause awareness as well as their reputability on social media.

Start increasing your social influence by taking advantage of these three essential marketing tools now!