Great Marketing Starts With Great Data

By: Derek Slayton, CMO, NetProspex

It’s simple…successful marketing starts with accurate and actionable data. And the role of marketing in today’s B2B organizations is expanding to use data in more ways to better support (drive) your company’s revenue and customer acquisition goals. This is especially true when it comes to understanding the target market and creating programs that engage with the right decision-makers at the right companies.

Today’s buyer (or, buying committee, if we’re being honest) demands more personalized attention. Content must be “fit-for-purpose” and deliver immediate value to their world view. It has to be timely and (more often than not) delivered via multiple channels to cut through the clutter. As marketing becomes more buyer-centric and organizations look to engage with multiple people in the buying process, data takes center stage. In fact, 87 percent of marketing professionals agree that they need data to do their jobs well, according to a recent survey by one of our customers, Domo.

As B2B Marketers, we have left one-size-fits-all newsletter campaigns in our wake. And it’s time that our data support us in using scalpels (vs. hammers) for greater success. Accurate, complete and actionable marketing data requires continuous effort but allows you to better target prospects and improve consumer engagement. Think of data as the high-powered fuel that helps drive your demand generation engine. When it is well managed, it acts as an accelerator in helping to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. Here are three ways accurate data leads to greater marketing success:

  1. Better segmentation: Having complete company and contact records gives you more options for segmenting your market. Narrowing your focus and tightening your programs facilitates an experience that feels one-to-one for your target buyers – driving engagement and accelerating their path down the funnel.
  2. Improved targeting:  Surrounding your marketing data with behavioral insights and company intelligence helps you deliver more targeted, timely messaging. The more relevant the message, the better your chances for stronger conversion rates.
  3. Clear, more focused buyer personas: The more information you have, the more success you’ll have building buyer personas and defining your customers’ needs based core objectives. Quality data helps marketers understand where their sweet-spots really are and better uncover insights about their ideal prospects.

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This post originally appeared on the NetPerspectives blog and was re-posted to the Mad Marketer site with the author’s permission.